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No Vendor Lock-In

Maintainable Test does not lock you in to a proprietary platform.

No Vendor Lock-In

Maintainable Test keeps its customers by providing superior solutions and outstanding customer support. We do not believe in vendor lock-in and we will not lock you in. Isn't that refreshing?

How Enterprise Software Lock-In Works

Most enterprise software works by ETL (Extract-Transform-Load), where a customer's data is extracted and then transformed into a proprietary format used by the vendor's product.

Often, enterprise software purposely discards your original source data once it has been loaded into the proprietary format. Once your data is in their product, you can run various reports, but the source data may no longer be accessible. Without access to your original raw data, you are locked in.

Ask any vendor if they preserve your original source data indefinitely. Most vendors will admit that they delete your source data either immediately or after a time period. The excuse often given is that it conserves disk space. With today's technology, there is no reason to ever delete anything. Now you know the real reason: vendor lock-in.

Our Stand Against Lock-In

The Maintainable Test stand against lock-in is that your original source data, for all the time you are a customer, is preserved in its original format and available for download at any time.

We never delete anything. We also keep an audit trail for all data that is also always available to you. You can retrieve all of your data, unaltered, at any time.

Maintainable Test is built using web-scale technology. Your data is not stored on a single computer, it's stored on our infrastructure. We're constantly adding computing and storage capacity behind the scenes. Millions of test records, billions of measurements, and terabytes of data per customer are supported by design. All of your original data is always available at all times.

It's In Writing

Our commitment to preserving your unaltered data, and your unobstructed access to all of it at any time, are clearly spelled out in our Service Level Agreement (SLA).