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Web Upload

Immediately import and visualize test data

Web Upload


Web Upload - import any test data quickly

Maintainable Test can capture data automatically from any test station using our free relay software. However, the relay is only one method that you can use to import test data into our service. You can also upload test data directly using our convenient web interface.

File Format Detection

Uploading data to Maintainable Test couldn't be easier. After receiving a file, the system automatically detects its format and processes it. The file can be any of your proprietary formats that we configure or one of our natively supported formats.

Immediate Availability

Data uploaded through the web interface is processed immediately, not minutes or hours later. Once the file finishes uploading, the data is processed on the spot and then presented to the user. This process typically takes only a few seconds. This is especially useful for smaller operations or new test development.

Sensible Error Messages

Occasionally data is written incorrectly by the test program or otherwise becomes corrupted on the tester. Maintainable Test strives to be robust and easy to use. This includes our import tools. Should an import fail, a meaningful error message will be presented with a detailed reason for the failure.