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Maintainable Test Features

The Grand Tour

The Complete Solution for Managing Automated Test Data

Capture Test Data

Maintainable Test can manage your entire global test operations from one convenient web-based dashboard. Your employees, contract manufacturers, suppliers, and customers can all collaborate on one online system to monitor and improve quality, increase efficiency, and drive down costs.

Data Types

Today's automated test systems produce much more than just tests and measurements. A tester might produce image files from machine vision, graphics like DCA eye diagrams, or large text files from diagnostics. Maintainable Test captures all of your data from functional test, design validation, device characterization, and more.

Analyze & Report

With so much data available, it is essential to have the right tools to quickly drill down to the results you need. Maintainable Test includes powerful search and reporting tools to do this.

Software Integration

Maintainable Test is an open platform that can integrate with other software used by your business. Our integration packages allow third-party software to access features of Maintainable Test, such as sending and querying test data records.

Fully Managed

Focus on the core of your business while we handle the rest. We provide a complete solution from top to bottom. There's no computers to buy, software to install, or IT staff to hire. Maintainable Test handles it all, backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and outstanding support.

Learn More About These Features

  • Connect Factories

    Maintainable Test can manage your entire global test operations.

  • Manage Stations

    Maintainable Test allows all stations to be presented on a single dashboard.

  • Send Data

    Maintainable Test includes a strategy for reliably capturing test data.

  • Unit Under Test Data

    Maintainable Test stores attributes that describe the Unit Under Test.

  • Test & Measurements

    Any number of parameters and measurements can be stored.

  • File Attachments

    File attachments of virtually any size can be attached to a test record.

  • You can find the data you need quickly without SQL or programming.

  • Aggregate Data

    Maintainable Test allows you to quickly aggregate tests and measurements.

  • Build Reports

    Maintainable Test is equipped with a set of standard reporting capabilities.