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Tests & Measurements

Capture more types of data than ever before


Uut tests

Test List - coloring identifies failures quickly

Any number of tests that were performed on the UUT can be stored along with the associated pass-fail status. For each test, any number of measurements, parameters, and file attachments can be stored. Our user interface helps to identify failures quickly and easily lets you drill down into the data.


Every test can record an arbitrary number of measurements. Each includes the name of the measurement, its value, and the unit of measure. Pass-fail criteria and status can be recorded on a per-measurement basis.

No Fixed Schemas

A popular aspect of Maintainable Test is that it is "schema-less". The tests do not need to be predefined and you are free to add or remove tests from your data at any time. As our system receives your data, it configures itself automatically. This allows new test stations to be integrated quickly and existing ones changed easily.