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Data Types

Capture more types of data than ever before

Data Types

Maintainable Test can capture many different types of data from automated test systems. It can support data from functional test, design validation, device characterization, and many other types of testing. We can also extend Maintainable Test if you have a unique need that we haven't covered yet.

When test data records are sent to the Maintainable Test, any of the data types below can be stored. Our online interface is simple to use and has an intuitive layout that makes navigating this data simple.

Unit Under Test

Maintainable Test supports a storing many attributes that describe the Unit Under Test and the conditions under which it was tested. Some examples of these attributes are the part number, serial number, operator, date and time, station, and test version. These attributes can later be searched using a powerful filter system.

Tests & Measurements

Any number of tests that were performed on the UUT can be stored along with the associated pass-fail status. For each test, any number of measurements, parameters, and file attachments can be stored. Our user interface helps to identify failures quickly and easily lets you drill down into the data.

File Attachments

Any number of attachments of virtually any size can attached to a test record. This is ideal for binary data, such as images from machine vision. You can store this data indefinitely and download it at any time.