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National Instruments LabVIEW™

Maintainable Test provides a LabVIEW toolkit that is certified by NI.

Integrate with LabVIEW

Compatible with labview

Maintainable Test's integration with LabVIEW won an Innovation Award from National Instruments in 2012. It is also certified to meet the stringent Silver level of the NI Compatible with LabVIEW quality standard.

We provide a full API for LabVIEW. It includes over 30 virtual instruments (VIs) for interacting with the Maintainable Test system. We provide example VIs and extensive documentation to get you up and running quickly.

Maintainable Test's support for LabVIEW has been designed for test engineers. No prior database experience is needed. Maintainable Test provides results quickly and always in a way that is convenient and familiar to the LabVIEW developer.

Query Test Data

You can query any test data stored on Maintainable Test directly from LabVIEW without any database programming or complicated SQL statements.

When data is retrieved from Maintainable Test, it is always in native LabVIEW data structures such as arrays and clusters that have been designed for you to quickly work with the data. You can access all of your unit under test reports, tests, measurements, and more, all without ever dealing with SQL or XML from LabVIEW.

Build Analysis and Reporting Tools

With the ability to retrieve any data stored on Maintainable Test programmatically through LabVIEW, you can quickly write custom analysis and reporting tools to visualize your data with LabVIEW.

Since Maintainable Test eliminates the hassle of dealing with a traditional database, engineers can create a simple analysis program that retrieves live data from Maintainable Test in as little as an hour.

Write Test Reports

Maintainable Test can receive data in your proprietary formats or its own formats. If you don't yet have a format for recording your test data, our LabVIEW toolkit provides a set of easy-to-use VIs for generating unit under test reports in XML. These XML files can then be consumed directly by Maintainable Test or any other environment that can read XML. Maintainable Test provides VIs for writing, reading, and uploading these files without needing to work with the XML itself.

Send Attachments and Other Data

Today's automated test systems produce much more than just tests and measurements. A tester might produce image files from machine vision, graphics like waveforms and eye diagrams, or large text files from diagnostics. Maintainable Test can accept all these kinds of files and our LabVIEW tools allow you easily upload them into the system using a single VI.