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National Instruments TestStand™

Maintainable Test fully supports TestStand.

Support for TestStand

Maintainable Test fully supports National Instruments TestStand. Several levels of integration are provided. Data can be collected unobtrusively, requiring no changes to existing test stations. Deep integration that provides more control of the manufacturing process is also available.

All TestStand data is captured by Maintainable Test with no loss in fidelity. Test reports generated by TestStand are displayed beautifully with custom web-based views provided by Maintainable Test. The ability to search and aggregate TestStand data is also built-in with no database or other setup required.

TestStand Object Model Support

TestStand's advanced architecture allows test engineers to create complex types and hierarchies of test result data. Maintainable Test completely understands the TestStand object model, from PropertyObjects and the built-in types up to your custom TestStand data structures.

This strong, built-in support for TestStand's object model allows Maintainable Test to capture 100% of data from TestStand systems in a fully automatic way. There is practically no setup required to bring data from existing TestStand systems into Maintainable Test.

No Database Required

One of TestStand's optional capabilities is the ability to record data directly to a relational database system, such as Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL. Installing database software onto test systems increases system requirements, complexity, and maintenance needs.

Maintainable Test can capture data directly from TestStand's XML and ATML report files. This means that test systems can be deployed without any onboard database software while still reliably capturing all of the test result data. Not needing a database also make test systems more resilient to unexpected events like power failures, which are common in manufacturing environments.

No Model Changes Required

TestStand is an extensible platform and developers often heavily customize its Process Model and Station Model. Maintainable Test offers optional hooks on these levels for deeper integration but these are completely opt-in. Maintainable Test can capture data efficiently from TestStand systems even without any changes to the models, making it simpler to connect to existing systems.