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Send Data

Capture data any remote location

Send Data

Maintainable Test receives your test data securely via the internet. You do not need to connect test stations to the internet. You do not need to modify existing test stations.

Test Relay


Test Relay - capture test data real-time

Maintainable Test includes a strategy for reliably capturing test data in any format from remote locations without modifying test stations or giving test stations access to the internet.

Modifying test stations to send data directly to a database, even one inside the same factory, is often very problematic. Traditional factory databases and shop floor systems such as those built on Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle are often slow or run on underpowered hardware. They often introduce a single point of failure. Should that database go offline even for a short time, it can bring down production. Delays in sending the data can cause the test station to hang when it could otherwise be testing product.

Maintainable Test overcomes all of these problems with our Test Relay. This is a lightweight software system that you can run on a single computer in your factory. Test stations are connected to the relay using a local area network. The relay automatically scans test stations for new data and then transparently sends that data to the Maintainable Test servers. Data is compressed for fast transmission and uses a fault-tolerant protocol.

Maintainable Test Relay is available for free to any Maintainable Test subscriber. It is fully cross-platform and we support it on every major operating system including Linux, Solaris, and Windows.

Web Services

Maintainable Test includes web service APIs that allow you to write your own custom software to send data directly to the service. These APIs are easy-to-use and extensively documented.

All of our supplied software, including the Test Relay, uses these APIs to communicate with Maintainable Test. This means that any custom software you choose to write can have the same capabilities.