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Capture Test Data

Effortlessly capture data from anywhere

Capture Test Data

Connect Factories

Maintainable Test can manage your entire global test operations. It can scale from a laboratory with a single machine to multiple factories and hundreds of test stations. All of this data can be accessed online using a secure, friendly user interface.

Manage Stations

Maintainable Test provides simple, web-based tools for managing your test infrastructure. You can add lines and stations on-demand without delays or complicated setup.

Send Data

We provide a cross-platform software package that you can use in conjunction with your existing or new automated test stations. You can use it automatically send data to Maintainable Test from anywhere in the world without modifying existing stations. You can also use our open web service APIs to build your own custom applications on top of our proven platform.

File Formats

Change is hard, especially when you have dozens of existing test stations deployed in multiple factories worldwide. Maintainable Test takes the opposite approach to almost every other test solution. Rather than modifying your test stations and development processes for Maintainable Test, we adapt to you.

Web Upload

Maintainable Test can capture data automatically from any test station using our free relay software. However, the relay is only one method that you can use to import test data into our service. You can also upload test data directly using our convenient web interface.