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File Attachments

Capture more types of data than ever before

File Attachments

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File Attachments - store any binary data

Any number of file attachments of virtually any size can be attached to a test record. This is ideal for binary data, such as images from machine vision. You can store this data indefinitely and download it at any time.

Log Data

One popular use of our attachments feature is to store log data. This is especially useful for functional testing. For example, you could store detailed logs of the test execution or the entire output of any onboard diagnostics that ran during the test.

Save More Data

Customers often find innovative ways to use our attachments feature. With the ability to store more data than ever before in any format, you can store raw data that might otherwise have been discarded. With more data available, you can more effectively troubleshoot failures or refine test processes.

Built to Scale

The underlying storage system is managed entirely by the Maintainable Test service. You can continuously send data to the service without worrying about the limits of any server. Maintainable Test scales far beyond any conventional test solution and can retain many terabytes of attachment data.