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File Formats

Seamless import of any data file format

Data Formats

Maintainable Test can capture data from existing test stations in your proprietary data formats. This requires no modifications to existing test stations. For new test development, you can optionally choose one of our data formats. In either case, you receive the same level of capabilities and support.

Your Proprietary Formats

It is very common for an organization to have multiple, proprietary data formats used in automated test. Your existing test stations may produce data files in any number of formats including XML, CSV, plain text, or even binary files such as photos from machine vision. Changing existing systems to conform with new or different standards is almost always difficult, time consuming, and costly.

We have have recognized this problem from the beginning and built Maintainable Test to conform with existing data formats. When your account is set up, we will analyze your existing data and then configure Maintainable Test to read those formats, automatically and transparently.

Maintainable Test can capture data from all of your existing stations without modifying the stations. Configuring our servers for your data is part of the standard setup and is done quickly without extra charges.

Our Optional Formats

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Native Formats - in XML or CSV

We have defined native data formats in XML and CSV for sending data to Maintainable Test. Both of these formats are very straightforward and extensively documented online. They can help accelerate new test development when a data format isn't already existing. Also, some customers have decided to standardize on our formats as part of their test development process.

Regardless of whether you continue to use your own formats or choose our native formats, the capabilities of Maintainable Test and the level of support you will receive remains the same.

ATML Support

ATML, or Automated Test Markup Language, is a set of XML schemas specified by IEEE Std 1671 designed to standardize automated test data interchange.

Maintainable Test has built-in support for the ATML Test Results (TR) file format.