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Unit Under Test

Capture more types of data than ever before

Unit Under Test

Maintainable Test supports storing many attributes that describe the Unit Under Test and the conditions under which it was tested. Some examples of these attributes are the part number, serial number, operator, date and time, station, and test version. These attributes can later be searched using a powerful filter system.


Uut parallel

Parallel Test - easily switch between UUTs

Any number of parameters or test settings can be associated with the UUT or an individual test. You can use these to store data like instrument settings, firmware versions, etc.

Parallel Test

Maintainable Test has been designed to support data from parallel test. When UUTs are tested together, such as on the same wafer or inside the same chassis, that data is not separated. Maintainable Test always keeps the associations between this data.

When viewing a UUT that was tested with other UUTs as part of a parallel test, the sidebar automatically links to the other UUTs. This enables you to easily see an overview of the other units and allows you can rapidly switch between the individual test results.