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Search Filters

Maintainable Test allows you to store all of your automated test data for any global location in one location. It stores this data indefinitely and can recall it on-demand from our web interface.

With so much data available, it is essential to have the right tools to quickly drill down to the results you need. Maintainable Test includes a powerful search system to do this.

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Search Filters - drill down into results

Maintainable Test allows complex search criteria to be entered quickly and easily. Search filters can be applied to any result set using a series of simple dropdown selections. Our search capabilities go beyond part number and serial number search. Many different attributes can be filtered.

Suppose a production supervisor calls a sustaining engineer to request support, saying that an operator noticed tests for a particular product type are failing too often. Armed with no more than this terse problem report, the engineer can sign in to Maintainable Test and quickly filter results by that operator's name, a date range, a product type, and a failure status. The engineer can then immediately see all of the test results and troubleshoot the problem.

Bookmark Searches

Our system allows you to bookmark any searches that you create for easy access later. You can also share searches with other members of your team to reduce data entry even further.

No Programming Required

Maintainable Test does not require any programming to utilize its search capabilities. Searches do not need to be pre-programmed into the system and engineers never have to write SQL queries. All of our search capabilities are always enabled automatically for any data that is stored in the system.