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Analyze & Report

On your test data

Analyze & Report

Search Filters

Maintainable Test allows you to store all of your automated test data for any global site in one location. With so much data available, it is essential to have the right tools to quickly drill down to the results you need. Maintainable Test includes a powerful search system to do this.

Aggregate Data

Our convenient, web-based interface allows you to view a single test result and can also quickly aggregate tests and measurements. You can quickly drill all the way down to the measurement level, e.g. to view a specific measurement across many units tested.

Build Reports

Any data can be aggregated on Maintainable Test and then added to a report. The reporting functionality allows you to do further analysis on data beyond aggregation. Building a report does not require learning a complicated toolkit or buying a new software package. Many reports can created on our web interface with a single click.