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Secure Backup

To protect your data

Peace of mind

Data center

Secure Backup - in multiple data-centers

Regular automated data backups are done on all data stored at our data center. Our automated backups protect you from any number of occurrences that could to result in data loss. Your data is safe on Maintainable Test, and we're always ready for recovery in the event of a disaster.

Off-Site Backups

All raw data sent to Maintainable Test is stored in an remote data-center that is completely independent of our main data-center location. This is an added layer of protection that safeguards your data in case disaster strikes at the main data-center.

Backup Server

If your company requires a more flexible solution for backups, Maintainable can work with you to setup an on-site backup server or other solution to meet your requirements. Some businesses prefer to have more control over the backups for data retention policies.